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Steve Terrell's Podcast
Category: Rock
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Mild mannered reporter who likes wild rock 'n' roll

by Steve Terrell
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December 24, 2010 11:01 AM PST

Greetings Podomatic fans. I've basically reached my limit here. You might have noticed I haven't posted a new episode in several months.

But you can find all my episodes at my home http://www.bigenchiladapodcast.com . Come check 'em out. If you only know the Big Enchilada from Podomatic, you've got some catching up to do.

Ho Ho Ho podlubbers! Here's the third annual Big Enchilada Christmas Special. Enjoy holiday cheer from Hank Ballard, Billy Childish, Sonny Boy Williamson, Mojo Nixon, The Polkaholics, New Bomb Turks, The Supersuckers, King Coleman, The Trashmen, Angry Johnny & The Killbillies and so many more. Thank you for making The Big Enchilada part of your Yuletide tradition.


Play it here: DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE| SUBSCRIBE TO ALL GARAGEPUNK NETWORK PODCASTS Here's the playlist: (Background Music: Santa Claus is Coming by True Light Beavers) Poundland Christmas by Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians of The British Empire Real Live Doll by The Trashmen Boogaloo Santa by J.D. McDonald North Pole Boogie by Billy Briggs Sausage & Sauerkraut for Santa by The Polkaholics Big Ol' Hole This Christmas by Angry Johnny & The Killbillies Christmas in Las Vegas by Richard Cheese (Background Music: Jingle Bells by Gene Krupa with Charlie Ventura) Christmas Baby (Please Come Home) by New Bomb Turks It's Christmas Time by Hank Ballard & The Midnighters Is Santa Claus a Hippy? by Linda Cassady Sonny Boy's Christmas Blues by Sonny Boy Williamson with Elmore James Christmas is a Comin' (God Bless You) by The Shitbirds Santa's Doing the Horizontal Twist by Kay Martin & Her Body Guards (Background Music: Carol of the Bells by Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks) Even Squeaky Fromme Loves Christmas by Rev. Glenn Armstrong Blue Grey Christmas by King Coleman Don't Believe in Christmas by Tallboy Call It Christmas by The Supersuckers Christmas in Vietnam by Johnny & Jon Go Tell It on the Mountain by Mojo Nixon & The Toadliquors Jingle Bells by Johnny Dowd Ghosts of Christmas Podcasts Past 2009 2008 Spend all your Christmas money at The Big Enchilada Podcast Zazzle Store.

December 24, 2010 10:52 AM PST
Welcome to the November episode of The Big Enchilada podcast, called Psychic Flotsam. Sit down. Relax. Look deep into my eyes. The Spirits are about to speak. You're going to hear some mystical sounds of Carbon/Silicon, The Ding Dongs, The Tandoori Knights, The Gories,  The Rockin' Guys and so much more, all very cosmic -- in a trashy kinda way Play it here: DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE| SUBSCRIBE TO ALL GARAGEPUNK NETWORK PODCASTS Here's the playlist: (Background Music: Cosmic Bellydance by The Monsters) Fix That Broken Halo by The Ruiners Ding Dong Party by The Ding-Dongs Bandstand by The Tandoori Knights Great Big Idol With the Golden Head by The Gories Framed by The Coasters The Return of the Pretty One by Lord Sundance (Background Music: Hell of a Woman by Impala) November by The Rockin' Guys Turboa by Make-Overs Man Man by Leroy MacQueen & The Gussets Ringue by Horror Deluxe A Poison Tree by Movie Star Junkies Happyland by Arrington de Dionyso & Old Time Relijun Daddy The Swingin' Surburbanite by The Weird-ohs (Background Music: Grungy by Davie Allan & The Arrows ) Flyin' Blind by Nick Curran & The Lowlifes with Phil Alvin El Tren de la Costa by The Del Moroccos Outta Site by Sinister Six Sin Eater by Th' Legendary Shack Shakers What's Up Doc by Carbon-Silicon
October 30, 2010 12:43 PM PDT
Fe fe, fi fi, fo fo fum, it's a Monster's Holiday! Halloween is here again and it's the second anniversary of The Big Enchilada! Sit back with a cold glass of your favorite blood type and enjoy the ghoulish sounds of Stud Cole, Roky Erikson, Johnny Dowd, Deadbolt, The Monsters, The Fuzztones, The Scrams, Electricoolade, The Electric Mess, The Hydeouts, Marshmallow Overcoat and so many more. Rock your rockin' bones! Play it here: DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE| SUBSCRIBE TO ALL GARAGEPUNK NETWORK PODCASTS Here's the playlist (Background Music: Zombie by The Big Guys) You've Become a Witch by The Electric Mess Monster's Holiday by The Plainsmen Creeps at Night by The Hydeouts Voodoo Moonshine by Deadbolt The Witch by Stud Cole La Llorona by The Scrams  Witchcraft in the Air by Bettye LaVette (Background Music: Spooks-a-Poppin' Theme by The A-Bones) Don't Shake Me Lucifer by Roky Erickson & The Resurectionists  I'm the Wolfman by The Fuzztones Coffin Nails by Coffin Nails The Zombie Stomp by Danny Ware Breathing With the Dead by Organs I Got the Creeps by Big John Bates Frankenstein Meets The Beatles by Dickie Goodman (Background Music: Zombie March by Dirtbag Surfers ) Spookie Boogie by Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers Werewolf Dynamite by Kim Fowley Zombiefied  by Electricoolade 13 Ghosts by Marshmallow Overcoat I Was a Teenage Werewolf by The Monsters Demons and Goats by Johnny Dowd Want More Spooky Tunes? Check out my previous Halloween podcasts Big Enchilada 15 CLICK HERE Big Enchilada 1  CLICK HERE
September 27, 2010 10:24 PM PDT
I have spoken with the Old Man in the Cave and he has told me to invite you all to a Forbidden Cavern Fandango. From the depths of the Earth come some of the craziest sounds of R&B, rockabilly and garage madness -- and as an added bonus, you'll hear some of my favorite Japanese rock tunes. DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE Here's the playlist (Background Music: Cyclone by The Fabulous Cyclones) Bip Bop Bip by Barrence Whitfield & The Savages Rockin' the Joint by Esquerita Lizard Hunter by Gas Huffer The Beam by The Screamin' Yeehaws Scarum Harem by The Spook Lights Heard It All Before by New Mystery Girl (Background Music: Busy Body by The Jolly Green Giants) Bulldog by King Coleman Little Bad Wolf by The Tra-Velles Satellite Baby by Skip Stanley Tell Me What to Do by The Giant Robots Visitation by Manby's Head Sanbuca by The Bama Lamas The Post Office Line by Dan Melchior & Das Menace Love Blood Hound by K.C. Mojo Watson (Background Music: Waltz of the Ratfinks by Mr Gasser & The Weirdos) Go Ahead by The Amppez Good Bye My Roller Girl by Mummy the Peepshow Mink Oil by The Rodeo Carburetter Guitar Date by The's Alligator Night by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Samisen Boogie Woogie by Umekichi (Background Music: Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakomoto) The Amppez, Mummy the Peep Show and Umekichi are on the Benten label, home of great Japanese girl-punk The Dan Melchior song is from the Free Music Archive and was recorded live on WFMU Listen to this podcast 7 p.m. Mountain Time Tuesday September 28 on Real Punk Radio
August 25, 2010 08:12 AM PDT

It's a Hillbilly Pig Out this month on The Big Enchilada, a delicious high-cholesterol feast of Dixie-fried rockabilly, hickory-smoked honky-tonk madness, pickled bluegrass, meaty backwoods boogie and crazy country side dishes. So loosen your dadgum belt, sit back with your favorite moonshine and prepare to stuff your ears.

July 23, 2010 03:12 PM PDT

Welcome, my friends to the latest Big Enchilada podcast. If you've got a touch of the criminal insanity, this episode should be nice and soothing for you.

I'm releasing this episode a little early this time because I'm going to New York at the end of the month. In anticipation of that trip I'm including songs from the stars of the Detroit Breakdown -- The Gories, ? Mark & The Mysterians, and Death, plus a Mitch Ryder hit recorded before it met Mitch Ryder -- and a tune from Kid Congo Powers, who I'm hoping to see at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn next week.

Also in this show are The Kill Spectors and Xoe Fitgerald (my favorite Time Traveling Transvestite) from right here in Santa Fe; The A-Bones, The Devil Dogs and The Malarians; and some bands I met on the GaragePunk Hideout like Weirdonia and Thee Ludds.

So crank up the volume and get in the mood.

June 29, 2010 11:31 PM PDT
This month The Big Enchilada features songs about two of my favorite obsessions: crime and Mexican food. You'll hear dangerous musical treats from the likes of The Gories, The Monsters, The Fleshtones with Tony Truant, Joe "King" Carrasco, Scott H. Biram, The Leaving Trains, The Goblins. There's hot steaming platters from old masters like Bobby Hatfield and Freddy Fender, plus new treats from some of my GaragePunk Hideout cronies like Lovestruck, The Geargrinders and The Jackets. Enjoy! Here's the play list: (Background Music: Serial Killer from Los Peyotes) Comb Your Hair by Lovestuck Out of My Head by The Jackets D'accord Tony D'accord by The Fleshtones with Tony Truant Bongo-Beatin' Beatnik by Joe Hall & The Corvettes Thunderbird ESQ by The Gories Blues for Joe by The Monsters MEXICAN FOOD SET (Background Music: Taco Wagon by Man or Astroman?) Hot Tamales by Bobby Hatfield Guacamole by Freddy Fender featuring Augie Meyers Pink Burrito by R. Crumb & The Cheap Suit Serenaders Mucho Burritos by The Come n' Go Cucaracha Taco by Joe "King" Carrasco Chili Mac by The Moroccos Hot Tamale Baby by Clifton Chenier CRIME SET (Background Music: Hot Tamale Pete by Bob Skyles & His Sky Rockets) Blood, Sweat and Murder by Scott H. Biram Shoot You Dead by The Geargrinders Crime in the Streets by Shrunken Heads Gonna Murder My Baby by Pat Hare Rock 'n' Roll Murder by The Leaving Trains Police Are Just Doing Their Jobs by The Goblins (Background Music: Martha's Tacos by Billy Bacon & The Forbidden Pigs)
May 27, 2010 09:26 PM PDT

Visionary lawmakers in the great state of Arizona this year passed a law banning the production or even attempted production of human/animal hybrids. This was a courageous move, but was it too little, too late? Musicians for years have been warning us about these monsters. And now The Big Enchilada brings you the real story as told by Mississippi John Hurt, The Cramps, Alex Chilton, Tav Falco, John Schooley, Rex Allen and others. Plus wild bitchen sounds by Andre Williams, Barrence Whitfield & The Savages, Johnny Dowd, Batusis, King Salami, The Dirtbag Surfers and more.

Here's the play list:
(Background Music: Teen Beast by Los Straightjackets) Bury You Alive by Batusis
Tricks by Andre Williams
Why Do You Get So High. Shorty? by The Treniers
She's Kind of Evil by Thee Fine Lines
(Background Music: The Beast by Roky Erikson)
Trash Talkin' Woman by The Electric Mess
Stink Bug by The Dirtbag Surfers
Howlin' Wolf by Johnny Dowd
The Human-Animal Hybrid Set
(Background Music: Hornet's Heart by Thinking Fellers Union Local 282)
Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me by Mississippi John Hurt
Human Fly by The Cramps
Monkey Man by Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters
Chicken Head Man by T-Model Ford
Loan Shark by Guana Batz
Panther Man by Tav Falco
A Human Coyote Stole My Girl by Rex Allen
(Background Music: Wolfboy by Stephen W. Terrell)


April 27, 2010 07:04 AM PDT
Howdy, friends and neighbors. This month the Big Enchilada goes hillbilly nuts. Time to check into the Sunshine Motel, where I've stashed all sorts of rockabilly, hard-core honky tonk and other crazy country sounds. There's lots of local talent from New Mexico like Mose McCormack, Kell Robertson and Kris Hollis Key, plus the likes of The Ex Husbands, Bloodshot Bill, Flat Duo Jets, The Corn Sisters and Miss Tammy Faye Starlite. Plus there's all sorts of hillbilly heroes from the days of yore -- Rose Maddox, Jess Willard, Roy Hall, Tani Allen and so many more. Like my KSFR radio show, The Santa Fe Opy, this is the country music Nashville does NOT want you to hear! (Background Music: El Rancho Grande by The Tune Wranglers)
I'm Just a Honky by The Ex-Husbands
Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor by Jess Willard
Pepper Hot Baby by Bloodshot Bill
Frog Went a Courtin' by Flat Duo Jets
Wild, Wild Young Men by Rose Maddox
God Has Lodged a Tenant in My Uterus by Miss Tammy Faye Starlite
Oh These Troubled Times by The Corn Sisters
(Background Music: Silver City Two-Step by Bayou Seco)
Battle of Love by Mose McCormack
Blazing Trailer of Love by Neil Mooney Rockabilly Hop by Bill Moss
Trucker From Tennessee by Link Davis
Who Put the Turtle in Myrtle's Girdle? by The Western Melody Makers Cheater's World by Amy Allison & The Maudlins
(Background Music: Sweet Georgia Brown by Johnny Gimble)
She Devil by Kris Hollis Key
Liver Lover by Zeno Tornado & The Boney Google Brothers Dirty Boogie by Roy Hall & His Cohutta Mountain Boys
Down and Out by Chuck Wells
When Hillbilly Willie Met Kitty From the City by Tani Allen & His Tennessee Pals
Star Motel Blues by Kell Robertson
Catch Me a Possum by The Watzloves
If you like this stuff, check out some of my previous country episodes at www.bigenchilada.podcast.com including Episodes 16, 10, 8 and 2.
March 28, 2010 11:55 AM PDT

This month, after a rowdy free-form set, The Big Enchilada takes a rockin' musical trip to the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico -- and then a boat ride into the heart of the Rock 'n' Roll Jungle. So I call this episode Some Enchanted Jungle.

You'll hear a new tune by the Del-Lords, plus amazing sounds by Pinata Protest, The Stomachmouths, Organs, Si Si Si ... and a whole combination plate of New Mexico bands -- Manby's Head, The Scrams, The Dirty Novels, Monkeyshines and Hundred Year Flood.

And then .... The Jungle!

Here's the play list:

(Background Music: Daktari Ooh Ah by Chaos, Inc.)
She's the One Who's Got It by Alex Chilton
Just Ain't It by Organs
Wild Trip by The Stomachmouths
Ghost Town by Si Si Si
Cantina by Pinata Protest
Me and The Lord Blues by The Del-Lords
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart by J.C. Brooks & The Uptown Sound

(Background Music: Jungle King by Chris Calloway)
Licking the Frog by Manby's Head
Audience Reaction by The Dirty Novels
Dram Shopper by The Scrams
Tremblin' White by Hundred Year Flood
Girl in the Miniskirt by Era of Sound
Battle Cry by Monkeyshines

(Background Music: Jungle by The Night Cats)
The Jungle by Diablito
Jungle Hop by Don & Dewey
Jungle Hop by The Cramps
Jungle Fever by Charlie Feathers
Jungle Stomp by Johnny Clark & The Four Playboys
Jungle Talk (I Want Some of That) by Shane Kai Ray
Jungle Music by Simon Stokes

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